A Glass For The Perfect Pour

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There are plenty of subversive wine glasses for sale online. This is my very own fantasy version.

PEEVES: You'll get over it. A couple of sips will do. Takes the edge off.
GRIPES: I dunno. Sometimes complaining helps us sort out our feelings so we can do something about them. This might help.
SORROWS: You deserve this moment. Just you and the wine...reflecting, feeling all of the feels...together.
REGRETS: The wild card. Either you'll forget 'em for a minute, or accumulate more. Good luck! 
FUCK IT. You're probably gonna have another glass.

DISCLAIMER  Sometimes I don't feel like drawing. Sometimes I grab the nearest tool to make what I want to make. Today is one of those days!
DISCLAIMER  I encourage you to drink responsibly (even if that means choosing to stay sober every day, yo.)  
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