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Do you follow the work of Master Calligrapher Seb Lester? A recent interview with Booooooom has been making the rounds this month, and his Instagram account (@seblester) gives us a peek into his regular practice. 

That said, one excerpt from the interview (below) struck me in particular. I, for one, am extrememly thankful for current tools that facilitate a rapid-fire form of connection, learning, sharing, and practice. Those tools have worked extremely well for me over the last decade, where I've had a lot of hurdles with perfectionism—and a resulting lack of momentum—to clear. Mastery, and what it takes to achieve it, looms large in the distance. On a somewhat related note, The One You Feed podcast (Episode 090: "The Art of Work") with guest Jeff Goins touches on modern-day mentors and apprenticeships. Worth checking out.

JH: Photo filtering apps, beat matching software, there are a lot of tools out there making it a lot easier to sort of shortcut the time it takes to “master” something. These things promote creativity but they also have a way of encouraging lazy creating. Should we be encouraging more kids to master one thing rather than be mediocre at a bunch of things?
SL: I think it’s great that technology does empower people this way and create choice. I wouldn’t be prescriptive but I am personally more interested in trying to become a true virtuoso in one field than a generalist. Specialization has worked for me. I would love to paint again, and to produce dodgy electronic music again, but I think developing a profound understanding of anything requires total commitment to that field. Profound mastery requires everything, heart and soul. A lot of love and a lot of time. I know that, even having spent twenty years working at this, I still have a lifetime of learning ahead of me.
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