Let's Gift Genean Some Sweet-ass Surprise Muhfuggin' Birthday Art!

Genean fell in love with the painting below, and had a great hour-long talk with this Columbus artist a couple of weekends ago. G's response to the painting was instantaneous (it's her color!) And when she overheard a convo about how the the painting began with a tornado shape instead of a sun, she got the chills (because, u know, John.) G's saving for a wedding, and that's the one thing that held her back from owning it. But we can make this $200 painting hers AAAAND support a local artist. 10 friends give $20, we got it! If 20 friends give $10, it's hers. And we all know G has like a million friends.

Can we do this by Friday?
Let's make some magic for the woman that brings that sunshine into our lives every day! Contribute below:

Venmo Name: lisaragland

PayPal: lisa.ragland@gmail.com

Chase Quick Pay: lisa.ragland@gmail.com
or 614-561-9940

Cash: lemme know!